Comprehensive risk management system

The security of transactions and data of merchants and consumers in the process of cross-border consumption is fully guaranteed, and more than 99% of transaction risks are avoided.

Transaction risk management

It helps identify sanctioned countries, individual country blacklists and politically sensitive persons (PEPs). We also use this system for transaction monitoring and acceptance.

Anti-fraud system

Cooperate with world-renowned risk control companies to effectively use big data to monitor risks and filter out high-risk transactions such as fake cards and fraud

Network transaction security

All products are designed and developed using the digital signature and encryption certificate related security recommendations for security protection

Real-time change monitoring

Strictly implement the five-level safety management system, and constantly improve the system operation and risk control of the two monitoring departments 7*24 hours a year to monitor the system operation

Internationally certified data security

Financial license

Easily open cross-border collection

With us, inspire boundless creativity

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