One-stop cross-border payment solution

With its internationally leading digital payment technology, Nova2pay provides integrated solutions for clients in industries such as aviation, tourism, hotels, and accommodations, facilitating connections with global consumers, optimizing payment processes, preventing fraud risks, ensuring transaction security, and expanding global business.

Global Acquiring Gateway

Support for international mainstream credit cards:

Each fund can be traced: Clear visibility of payment information based on card network, efficiently tracking the purpose of each fund.
Customized payment gateway suitable for industries

Anti-fraud engine

Nova2pay combines big data in the airline and travel industry to build a comprehensive global payment risk control engine.
It strategically partners with leading international anti-fraud technology companies to better help airline and travel enterprises/merchants stay away from fraudulent transactions.

Independent third-party chargeback management tool

The airline and travel industry has the characteristic of high average transaction value, and once a chargeback transaction occurs, the loss is particularly severe. Nova2pay’s independent third-party chargeback management tool helps companies/merchants control the chargeback rate significantly reduce chargeback losses without affecting transaction approval rates.
Clear accounts, expenses correspond one by one, “zero” hidden fees.
Appealable, refundable; successful appeals result in full refund of disputed orders.
Single-point access, comprehensive coverage of all business transaction links, safe and worry-free.

Establish user profiles to facilitate business growth.

Nova2pay scores and rates the quality of each transaction, intelligently analyzes user consumption habits, and empowers sustainable business growth.
Combining industry big data, improving user profiles, and establishing payment and risk control models tailored to the airline and travel industry for better alignment with business development.

Direct connection to international mainstream card groups

Using Nova2pay Connect to global opportunities instantly.

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