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NOVA2PAY (Hong Kong) Limited is committed to providing comprehensive cross-border payment and entertainment services to domestic and global enterprises and merchants, as well as online and offline financial collection, data acquisition, consumer finance, and intelligent marketing solutions derived from it. Our business covers many fields such as e-commerce platforms, aviation and travel, hotel, catering, shopping malls, games, videos, etc., constantly helping merchants improve operational efficiency and create value.

We focus on daily risk management, adopting international top-level control processes and standards from merchant audit access to daily transaction monitoring and information security. Since 2015, we have passed the highest level of security certification standards for international payment industry (PCI DSS Level 1) with our internal risk management processes also certified under ISO27001, fully ensuring transaction and data security for merchants and consumers in cross-border consumption.

Nova2pay has branches in areas such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and Singapore, providing favorable conditions for local merchants to receive high-quality localized services. Nova2pay will continue to seek technological breakthroughs and exceed expectations to build a global top-tier provider of comprehensive cross-border payment and entertainment services.


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