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Global digital payment service provider

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Integrated standard API (SDK) interface

New Experience of Cross-border Payments

Nova2pay focuses on the development needs of the cross-border industry, and researches and promotes digital payment and smart marketing technologies based on big data collection and analysis, providing global payment solutions for partners, merchants, and users. It improves the operational efficiency of merchants while bringing more convenience and discounts to users.

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Our Solutions

International Credit Card

We build a comprehensive international credit card acquiring service system, providing cross-border merchants with international, digital, and standardized payment products and services.

Alternative Payments

Support 190+ overseas local payment methods globally, covering countries and regions such as North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Users can use familiar local wallets for payment.

Card Issuing Service

We match the industry and business needs of merchants, and provide complete and customized card issuing solutions.

Easily Expand Global Business

 One-click to start multiple payment methods

One-click to start multiple payment methods

International Credit Card

Alternative Payments

Bank Account Transfer

Constantly optimize the success rate of transactions

Constantly optimize the success rate of transactions

Global Transaction Network

Transaction Rating Management

Branded Payment Page

Comprehensively ensure the security of funds

Comprehensively ensure the security of funds

Developed Risk Management System

AI Machine Learning Anti-fraud Precision

Independent 3D-Secure

About Nova2pay

Nova2pay is a comprehensive service provider in the field of cross-border consumption and entertainment based on digital payment technology. It is committed to providing global payment and settlement services for cross-border merchants, as well as online and offline financial collection, data acquisition, consumer finance and intelligent marketing solutions.

Nova2pay’s business covers various fields including e-commerce platforms, airlines, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, games, videos, and more. It continually helps cross-border enterprises improve operational efficiency and create value.

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